At Family Chiropractic, we know that choosing a chiropractor in Franklin can be difficult. Our team of chiropractic and wellness professionals work together to provide a variety of services to improve the health and wellness of each patient we work with. We are proud to provide the highest quality chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and nutrition consulting care in Franklin, Brentwood, and Cool Springs.

Meet Our Staff

Our team aims to provide each patient with a wellness program, personally tailored to achieve their unique wellness goals and objectives. Franklin Chiropractors Dr. Bett-Gray and Dr. Elson employ a “whole person approach” to identify each patient’s underlying issues. This allows them to provide a holistic form of treatment that can not only relieve existing issues, but also work to prevent future complications.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Many people believe chiropractic care simply serves to relieve back pain, but the truth is, chiropractic is capable of much, much more. Chiropractic care recognizes that the human body operates as a group of interrelated organs and systems that depend on one another to operate at full capacity. A malfunction in one part of the body can manifest itself in the form of pain, illness, or disease in another part of the body.

Where traditional medicine treats symptoms with medicine or surgery, chiropractic care uncovers the root cause of symptoms and works to treat the issue at its foundation. Not only does chiropractic care help to prevent future disease and illness, it can also effectively relieve existing aches and pain in the short term.

Franklin Massage

Our team of licensed massage therapists in Franklin are a vital piece of our “whole person approach” to wellness. Massage therapy boasts countless health benefits that, along with routine chiropractic care, can provide relief from stress and increase energy, relaxation, balance, and flexibility. For more information about Franklin massage therapy, click here!

Our team of Franklin Chiropractors and wellness professionals at Family Chiropractic are ready to tailor a wellness program to your unique needs using minimally invasive and highly effective techniques and services. Click here to learn more and schedule your appointment today!


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