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Benefits of Receiving Massage

Increase Relaxation* - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Reduce Stress* - the body naturally reacts to positive and negative stress. The reaction causes your body to increase the production of cortisol** and puts your body in the "fight or flight" response. The only way to combat the effects on the body is put it into a state of physical relaxation.

Increase Flexibility* - massage helps lengthen muscle tissue and break-up scar tissue, allowing the body to more easily move and bend.

Improve Balance* - by increasing the awareness of how your body feels and where your body needs help.

Relieve Pain*- in two ways: 1) manipulating the soft tissues of the body to increase circulation and increase the rate of repair to a damaged/overused area; 2) depressing the nervous system and the pain receptors in a local area.

Increase Overall Energy* - by increasing the blood flow, circulation of nutrients, and removal toxins, the body feels energized and performs more efficiently.

Bring awareness of your body* - full-body massage brings your awareness to areas of the body that were otherwise never touched, never known to be tense or painful, or never realized the potential for use. Chronic pain dulls the body, thereby cutting off receptors in the skin and muscles.

Help reduce injury or overuse*- receiving regular massages as maintenance, comfort, a treat, recovery, pain management, or various other reasons allows the overall function of the body to improve. Muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments, respiratory function, heart function, immune function, organ function, lymphatic flow, and elimination processes all perform better and allow you as the client to perform better and recover faster from exercise and daily routines.

*Benefits vary depending on specific modality, these listed are general benefits.

**Cortisol has been shown to increase the amount of fatty deposits in the body (especially in the abdominal area), increase risk for heart attack, heart disease, cancer, respiratory dysfunction, and many other medical conditions.

What is a typical massage therapy session like?

Each massage is tailored to meet your specific needs. You can schedule a session for 30, 60, or 90 minute increments. The techniques used to manipulate the muscles in a massage are most effective when applied directly to the skin. For this reason, you are asked to disrobe (undress) to your comfort level and lay between two sheets on the massage table. The therapist will step out of the room for you to disrobe before the session and for you to re-dress again after the session. For the entire duration of the massage, you will always be covered by a sheet and usually a towel. One area of your body is exposed at a time to allow the therapist to fully work that musculature and then recover the area before moving to the next section of your body. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the massage; the techniques being used, the part of your body being worked, the amount of pressure being applied by the therapist, the temperature of the room, or anything else, please do not hesitate to speak those concerns to your therapist immediately. 

At no time should you feel uncomfortable, exposed, or nervous. The massage time is for you and helping your body. It is your time and needs to meet your needs and comfort level. Questions are encouraged of you before, during and after your session. This can be a time of awaking for you and your body awareness. 

Will massage therapy hurt?

Massage therapy should be comfortable and not hurt. Occasionally there is a mild aching when the massage therapist applies pressure over "knots" and other areas of muscle tension. If the pressure is too strong for you, let the massage therapist know.

How will I feel after a massage?

Most people feel calm and relaxed after a massage treatment. Occasionally, people experience mild temporary aching for a day or so. Drinking extra water the day before, the day of, and the day after your massage will prepare your body's tissue to release toxins and recover quickly.

Frequency of Massage

There are many reasons people choose to receive a massage. The greatest effects of a session are felt when your body can develop a routine for the work. As a guideline, receiving massage once a month is the adequate. Depending on your daily activities, routines, lifestyle, stress level, etc, massage routines will vary. The doctors will help assist in your massage treatment plan with our therapists. 

Each person's body will respond differently to massage. The routine is a base for you and your therapist to discuss what is the best plan for you, your life and your body. 



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