What to Expect

What to expect on your first visit at 
Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center

1. Patient History and Consultation of Symptoms
During the chiropractic consultation, we will ask the patient to fill out forms that provide background details about your symptoms and illness. Patients are normally asked to supply details of family medical history, any pre-existing medical conditions or prior injuries, and previous and present treatments provided by other health professionals.

2. The Chiropractic Examination
A complete chiropractic exam contains medical tests such as palpation of the spine and surrounding musculature, range of motion assessment, orthopedic testing, neurological testing, posture analysis and gait analysis.

3. Diagnostic Studies
Based on the outcomes of the patient's history and chiropractic exam, diagnostic tests may be useful in demonstrating pathologies and recognizing structural anomalies accurately to analyze the disorder. While an x-ray is the most specific diagnostic study used during an initial chiropractic exam, it is not always required. You will discuss if this is necessary directly with the doctor and see if it is right for you. Not everyone will receive an X-ray if it's unwarranted.

4. Chiropractic Adjustment and Therapies
The adjustment is individualized for your needs and concerns based on the combination of your findings. We know multiple techniques for adjusting a patient and will discuss which one is right for you. If you have a preference, please feel free to share your thoughts with the doctors before starting treatment. We want all of our patients to feel comfortable and have a wonderful experience. After the adjustment, the doctors at Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center will give you recommendations for home care and follow up appointments if needed.


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