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6 Things to Know About Back Pain

6 Things to Know About Back Pain

The spine is a truly impressive part of the body. It gives us the power to perform so many tasks, all while remaining flexible and holding the body upright. With all the work it puts in, there shouldn’t be much surprise that occasionally our spines run into issues. As many as 90% of Americans report experiencing some form of back pain over the course of their lives. But fear not, we have created a list of the 7 most important things you should know about back pain so that you can be prepared to deal with it if and when that problem arises.

  1. Gentle Stretches Before Bed and Throughout The Day Can Help You Stay Loose And Limber And Alleviate Chronic Morning Pain Stretching is vital practice that helps your body stay in tip-top shape. Stretches that work your legs and back can help to aid against lower back pain. Remember, these stretches should be performed in a manner that does not cause even more discomfort. Here are a few links that will provide you with more insight and suggestions on the stretches that will help the most.

  2. Take Advantage Of Your Body’s Natural Painkiller: Endorphins Yes, it’s true! These naturally occurring hormones are as powerful as any product that pharmaceutical companies can make. Endorphins are also helpful in combatting depression and anxiety, two conditions which can exacerbate back pain. In order to trigger your body’s release of endorphins, try physical and mental exercises like visiting a chiropractor, aerobic conditioning, massage therapy, and meditation.

  3. Focus On Core Exercises To Alleviate Pain Unfortunately, the normal day of your average person does not contain enough core exercise. Your abdominal region plays a key role in supporting the lower spine, and exercises that target your core can have benefits that come twofold: reduced back pain and the confidence that comes with a developing a consistent exercise routine! See the attached links for some simple and effective core exercises.

  4. Get More Sleep The link between chronic pain and inadequate sleep patterns cannot be overstated - pain makes it difficult to fall (and remain) asleep, lack of quality sleep increases back pain, and the cycle repeats itself. Making a few crucial adjustments to your sleeping routine can have great results for alleviating back pain. Make sure that your back is adequately supported as you lay down to sleep, and regularly check your mattress to ensure that it has not become worn out of shape. Check out this link from the Mayo Clinic which provides helpful sleeping positions to help alleviate back pain.

  5. The Effects Of Chronic Back Pain On Your Brain Consistent back pain can quickly consume a substantial amount of a person’s mental energy, impeding the ability to perform some daily functions. For most people, back pain becomes problematic periodically for a period of just a few days. For others, back pain can become a chronic nuisance that can last weeks, months, or longer, ruining appetites, causing memory issues, and causing poor sleep. If your pain persists for longer than a few days at a time, we highly recommend consulting a chiropractor.

  6. Stretch Your Hamstrings One of the most frequently overlooked causes of back pain are your hamstrings. Tight hamstrings can cause a chain reaction through your pelvis, limiting your range of motion and causing increased stress across your lower back. See the attached video links for some stretches you can perform to stretch out your hamstrings and alleviate back pain!


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